Programs & Workshops

The JEKL Institute’s programming consists of interactive maker activities that integrate concepts across the STEAM disciplines to further engage curious minds – i.e., future doctors, engineers, and technologists – as well as make the connection for those whose interests are in fields not immediately identified in STEAM.

Genius Workshops, Online Courses & Events

Think Like A Girl!

Engineering Workshops for Girls

Music Is Math

A Jazz Masters’ Initiative

Scalable Video Game Design

Coding Workshops for youth and seniors

Teaching Other People’s Kids

Help educators provide better STEAM educational support to their students.

Tech The Teacher

Help educators provide better STEAM educational support to their students.

The JEKL Institute’s programming includes a series of customizable STEAM activities that empower educators and advocates to inspire BIPOC scholars to explore and pursue STEAM career paths.

Culturally responsive curricula empower student scholars, educators, and community partners
to create an inclusive learning space. This allows students to gain confidence in their understanding and pursuit of STEAM fields as they are introduced to professionals who look like them and have been impactful and successful in these fields. The curricula are often modified to meet the specific learning needs of the students.

Currently, JEKL offers the following programming tools:

Engineering Workshops for Girls

Every day we are coming together with mindfulness and focused intent on working in teams to support and empower ourselves and one another to have an incredibly successful school year! From CODING to MAKER ACTIVITIES, from ENTREPRENEUR to FINANCIAL LITERACY, we know that our success is indeed our business and we handle it best when we THINK LIKE A GIRL!

Four intense and interactive professional guidance and mentorship filled days to include but not limited to:

  • Build a scholarship profile & database to receive tailored scholarship opportunities daily.
  • Build an exceptional personal webpage to highlight strengths.
  • Author an exceptional personal BIO, ESSAYS & Letters of Request for letters of recommendation.
  • Create tools and learn processes for assessing scholarships.
  • Investigate colleges, skilled trades, workforce demands, STEM professions & entrepreneurship.
  • Research professions in high demand & required course of study.
  • "Do Something" Scholarships

We design and make, redesign and build! A different project daily with a connection to real life applications and STEAM professions and STEM disciplines. Maker Magic may include*:

Emergency Shelter Build
Mini Hover Craft
Coding Simulator
Ancient Math Game
Cardboard Challenge
Rockets & More

A Jazz Masters’ Initiative

Coding Workshops for youth and seniors.

The JEKL Institute provides two workshops to help educators provide better STEAM educational support to their students. The first workshop is called Teaching Other People’s Kids which supports educators in removing unintentional biases that ultimately impact children. The second workshop is called Tech The Teacher. In this workshop we train children, who in turn train the teacher in a specific STEAM subject to help the educators understand the student’s perspectives and how their input impacts outputs and outcomes.

Create & Market STEAM Brilliance.

Using STEAM to mentor girls.

A Digital Campaign.

Interactive Maker Activity Fun.

The JEKL Institute educators call all students “Doctor,” and they are outfitted in white coats, empowering them to imagine the possibilities for a future career.

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